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mercedes 300 sl 1957 classic mercedes benz model

Classic Mercedes 300SL

LussoAutos automotive lifestyle e-magazine, and motoring blog. It is a digital meeting place for lovers of all things automotive and not! You will find all the latest news on cars, old, new, innovative, concept, and undiscovered. We try to give helpful tips. Equip you with on-hand information about topics relating to specific questions you might have from – headlights to classic automobiles.

Real talk, we are simply ‘mad’ about the motoring lifestyle and we take readership and content quality seriously.

We want to satisfy even the most inexperienced of ‘Petrolheads’ and to be honest, You don’t have to be ‘nuts’  or ‘bolts’ about motoring to know a thing or two about the automotive lifestyle. Our hope is that anyone who reads our blog goes away with a little something new they learned, enjoyed, or maybe already knew.

Or, come away with improved knowledge from whatever article they may have been reading. For instance, check out our story on https://lussoautos.com/the-prettiest-volkswagen-beetle-ever-is-the/2021/ We are sure you’d be intrigued.

We try to simplify things by taking out the boring car facts for our less enthusiastic non-technical readers, and by creating fun ways to present ‘techy’ facts. We also try to incorporate engaging content using videos and photos to pass the message across. Unlike most automotive blogs, we try to keep the fun and take out the ‘junk’. Keeping it light and simple is one of our goals.

We do the research so you can just kick back, read, and or watch!

We look forward to your readership and subscription for future articles and newsletters. Search our content on www.lussoautos.com

Happy reading!

– The Editorial team at lussoautos.com

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