Elton John’s 1988 Maserati Bit -Turbo Spyder Is Now Up…

Elton John’s 1988 Maserati Bit -Turbo Spyder Is Now Up…

Elton John’s Maserati Bit- Turbo Spyder is now up for sale at auction

Elton John’s 1988 Maserati Bit- Turbo Spyder

Elton John has always been known as one of the world’s greatest singers but most don’t know he is an avid car enthusiast and collector. His garage is known to be home to really top-notch rides like the Rolls Royces and Bentleys and a few Ferraris from the 1980’s era. A Maserati Bit -Turbo Spyder is also included in the impressive line-up, but guess what? It could now be yours. Yes, you heard right. Elton is putting up his Maserati on auction with a very modest starting price of 8,000 Euros equivalent to about $9,500 USD.

This particular model was first auctioned back in 2019 for about $13,160 so this time, it seems like a bit of a steal, all things considered. Bit-turbos are not particularly expensive but low-mileage models get a better deal between $20,000 – $34,000.

Elton’s Maserati will be auctioned at Artmark on March 25th. The car comes with delivery documentation that indicates it was in fact delivered to his management company, William A. Bong Ltd, but whether it was actually driven regularly by Elton is another thing. But we know he must’ve taken it for a spin a time or two or several. After all, he added custom features, like an upgraded stereo set which at the time set him back 4,000 GBP ( Pounds Sterling), it also came with white leather seats and red stitching, and split rim wheels.

The carbureted Bit-Turbo Spyder was built between 1984 and 1988 and about 1,050 of them were available, making them one of the most popular variants of the convertible Bit-Turbo. The fuel injection version on the other hand was the rarest, with just 122 delivered.

Elton John’s model is the 2500 version fitted with a 2.5 liter v6. It features the carbureted V6, so it packs 190HP(horsepower) and hits a top speed of 134 mph.


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