Huawei Become Latest Manufacturer To Enter The Automobile Industry

Huawei Become Latest Manufacturer To Enter The Automobile Industry

Comes With Harmony OS, Kirin Chip And Superfast Charge

Most of us hear Huawei and associate the name with smart Phones. Well they have just become the latest entrants to the car industry as unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. They took the wraps off it’s first ever EV created in collaboration with BAIC’s EV division.

The Arcfox Alpha S as it is known by is an all-electric model car whose software and hardware parts are entirely powered by Huawei and BAIC was mostly in charge of the manufacturing side of things.

The car will be offered in two different models- the Alpha S and the Alpha S HI each with base and hi-end configurations. This would make a total of 4 different versions that customers can order and Huawei have on offer.


The Arcfox Alpha S is not lacking in technology if we know anything about Huawei we ought to know that they would’ve ensured the highest tech use possible and that they definitely did. The car’s power comes from a Kirin 990A chip developed by Huawei, with 5G support and runs on Harmony OS( Operating System), the in-house built operating system originally intended to serve as an alternative to the android system that later evolved to become the main platform for virtually everything Huawei makes. Naturally, Huawei intends to synchronize their car systems with their phones by using the Harmony OS to seamlessly communicate with a massive 4k car screen on the dashboard. There is also voice recognition inclusive and interaction without touch by the use of gestures. Needless to say, tech-wise Huawei has pushed the boat out.

In regards to its EV capacities, the 93.6kWh battery is said to offer autonomy that goes up to over 700 km(435 miles) per charge. The fast charging capabilities of the Arcfox are impressive to say the least as a dedicated mode allows for the battery to get up to 197 km (122 miles) worth of power in just 10 minutes. The Lithium-ion battery pack comes with smart temp control, which takes away the worry of over-heating which is one of the reasons the car charges so fast. Surprisingly, it also offers wireless charging, however, we think it goes without saying that it’ll still charge optimally with a cable and may take longer without one. However, it’s good to know they have given the option of a wireless charge.

Autonomous driving is also on offer although for now it is only limited to a few chinese cities- Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzen. The car will be going on sale later this month and prices begin at $38,700 going all the way up to $66,000 for the higher end versions ( the HI version to be specific)

We wish them good luck on their endeavours , congratulations on being new entrants to the automobile and EV industry and hope to see them really make an impact in the auto world.


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