La Voiture Noirs $19million Dollar Price Tag And Its New Mystery Owner

La Voiture Noirs $19million Dollar Price Tag And Its New Mystery Owner

Waiting is always the hardest part for anything we love. Even an Amazon delivery would have most of us double-checking our phones at least a dozen times for tracking details.

This however was no ordinary delivery. The Bugatti La Voiture Noir which in English translates to “The Black Car”, after at least two years in the making was finally completed and stationed for delivery to its owner. The car was bought and paid for two years ago and Bugatti set to task to begin the build.

The La Voiture Noir is a customized version of the less expensive Bugatti Chiron supercar that is capable of reaching 300 mph. More interestingly, this one-off version was designed to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand’s most iconic model, the Type 57 SC Atlantic.

Bugatti displayed a design prototype of the vehicle at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show but has now revealed the completed production version, which has been track-tested.

The car features a quad-turbocharged W16-cylinder engine with at least 1,479 hp and all-wheel-drive and headlights comprised of 24 individual elements each.

The spine that runs down the center of the vehicle is a direct callback to the Type 57 and its bodywork is comprised of carbon fiber coated in a glossy black transparent finish.

To the question of who actually handed over $19million/11 Million Euros in exchange for the one-of-a-kind beast, we may never know, until we see it zoom past or on the pages of Instagram. A little birdie told us they think it might be CR7( Cristiano Ronaldo) as his penchant for fast cars already includes a Chiron that features his signature logo CR7. Bugatti has only said it was sold to a fan of the brand and won’t reveal the name.

At the time it was sold the Bugatti was considered the most expensive new car ever, but that title may have been claimed this year by the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, which reportedly cost as much as $28 million to another anonymous customer.

Can we assume it was someone else or the same suspicions linger as to if CR7 might be responsible for the Rolls Royce too? Keep us posted on who these mystery owners are if you see any posts on Instagram relating to both cars and their possible owners. {Tag us on: on Instagram or @autos.lusso on Twitter}


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