Lamborghini Sian Hybrid In A Class Of Its Own

Lamborghini Sian Hybrid In A Class Of Its Own

When it comes to hybrid cars these days there are no shortages on the market. However, the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 is in a totally different league of its own. Italy’s craziest car company has stepped up to the plate and as usual, has delivered and served us up speechless in the form of a car. We reckon in the English dictionary if speechless had a picture it’ll probably be of the Sian. Sián—lightning in Bolognese—is a name that captures the car’s true character, for speed.

Lamborghini developed this car with no batteries therefore it is NOT a plug in hybrid bit rather works with something called a supercapacitor! We know! Sounds like something from the 1980’s flick “back to the future” where Doc builds the De Lorean with a flux capacitor.(which I’m sure at the time most of us just thought was a fascinating new car word) Fast forward to the future and todays reality, the Sian has brought life into the word ‘capacitor’.

The batteries are charged solely by the brakes with 807bhp, 217MPH and a V12 hybrid engine.

The Supercapacitor is lighter and faster at discharging than a regular lithium-ion battery and is largely used to torque fill through the gear changes. Lamborghini has stepped up the hybridization by miles. The idea of a Supercapacitor and an engine that charges itself devoid of a plug is rather fascinating we have to admit. Bit enough talking let’s see what the guys at @topgear did when they decided to tame the beast.

Top Gear UKs Chris Harris Takes On The Lamborghini ‘Lightning” Sian

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