One of the Worlds Largest Mobile Homes, First Look Inside

One of the Worlds Largest Mobile Homes, First Look Inside

Commander 8×8 SLVR
  • An Australian family of eight commissioned one of the largest RV’s in the world in order to explore Australia’s most remote regions for months at a time.
  • Designed by Australian luxury expedition vehicle manufacturer SLRV, it serves as a fully functioning house on wheels. 
  • Dubbed the Commander 8×8, the vehicle is 40 feet long, two stories tall, and can sleep up to 10 people.
  • SLRV did not disclose the final cost of the camper but previously estimated that the price would fall between $670,000 and $1,370,000.

The 9.5kVA alternator is a “world-first” in an RV, according to Boswerger.

“We had to design an electrical system that not only powered all the appliances — it had to recharge and keep powering over and over out in the remote wilderness,” he said in a release.

The camper’s walls are close to 5 inches thick in sections, providing “fantastic insulation,” said Boswerger “All this allows you to stay out in Australia’s remote.”

Business Insider

It’s a personalized experience where you, the traveler, take control of where you want to go.”

Travelers have transitioned from seeking simply “authentic” experiences to seeking truly meaningful experiences, according to the 2018 Global Wellness Summit’s 2018 trends report, this new type of travel “doesn’t discard the focus on authentic experiences, but takes it to a deeper emotional level.”

“Our clients like their stable hotels, like the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton, but what we’re starting to see is that desire for an immersive experience,”

Richard Lewis, Insignia President

Whether in a hotel or an RV, a personal travel experience is still a personal travel experience but when you do it in an RV of this magnitude, we have to admit this is travelling in style and personally I’m not mad at that. Take us to the moon in this and we would be super comfy all the way there and back. Money well spent.


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