“POTUS” Biden Floors Fords New Electric Pick-UP Truck

“POTUS” Biden Floors Fords New Electric Pick-UP Truck

POTUS Joe Biden Test Driving The New Electric Ford F150
  • Ford unveiled its new electric F-150 Lightning pickup Tuesday during a visit by President Joe Biden to the Michigan plant that will produce the vehicle.
  • The highly anticipated vehicle resembles the automaker’s current F-150 but has some unique exterior styling details.
  • Ford declined to release additional details about the vehicle ahead of its official public reveal at 9:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

The press were out in full view to watch the President of the United States Mr. Joe Biden test drive Ford’s lightning Electric pickup truck and by the looks of things he had a good time. He was particularly impressed with its speed, “0-60 in about 4 mins” he chimed when he stopped to take press questions for a brief second before zooming off again. These moments are pretty rare to see but create an equally endearing and powerful image statement that reminds us all of how ‘human’ even the president is. Mr. President, we will take your word for it. The F150 electric is looking good.


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