The New McLaren Elva: Formed by the wind, An Undiluted Connection.

The New McLaren Elva: Formed by the wind, An Undiluted Connection.

Old meets New: Mclaren Elva

McLaren’s mission to create the ultimate driving machine has achieved a new milestone as they revealed their new roadster that offers their purest driving experience yet.  

Taking its name from the roadgoing versions of Bruce McLaren’s legendary 1960s sports car racers, this dramatic mid-engined roadster epitomizes pioneering engineering, design, and aerodynamic innovation that lies at the core of McLaren’s road car DNA. The new Elva is their first-ever open-cockpit road car – which is set to deliver the ultimate connection between driver, car and the elements.

Mclaren Elva Rear view

The Elva will be the lightest road car ever made by McLaren Automotive which is a fantastic feat. When coupled with enormous power and torque from an 815PS version of the McLaren Senna’s 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 it simply creates extraordinary levels of acceleration, agility, and driver feedback. As a matter of fact, the Elva actually hits 200km/h~approx. (100m/h) from a standing start in just 6.7 seconds – even quicker than the McLaren Senna itself as pictured below.

The Mclaren Senna

This is the next chapter in the McLaren design story. It’s all about bold forms, clean lines, and fluid movement. The flow blurs all boundaries between the interior and exterior, merging into a stunning whole from every angle. Formula 1 was a big inspiration. The clean, fuss-free body sides and shrink-wrapped muscular shapes come straight from ideas forged in the heat of ultimate competition and carbon Fibre is used throughout.

You’re not crossing any lines but you are entering a space that cocoons driver and passenger. They use advanced Ultrafabric materials to protect the cabin and unique carbon fiber seats deliver comfort and support even at the extremes.

The Mclaren Elva as tested on Auto Trader

Mclaren really pulled out all the stops with this one there is no doubt about that.

“McLaren continues to push the boundaries of supercar and hypercar development in pursuit of outstanding and unparalleled driving experiences for our customers, and the McLaren Elva epitomizes that pioneering spirit”

Mike flewitt | Ceo, Mclaren automotive

‘It’s a stunning example of a new and unique McLaren “blurred boundaries” design principle that has allowed us to bring the outside in,’ says Rob Melville, McLaren Design Director.

Only 399 examples of the new Elva will be produced. Deliveries began later in 2020. McLaren Special Operations ensured they will be on hand to enable a high level of personalization, to ensure that each Elva is truly unique.

A fixed windscreen derivative can be specified, but not a roof or side windows.

The radical new Elva is true to the engineering principles and pioneering spirit of those original McLaren-Elvas of the mid-1960s. Those cars were produced as roadgoing versions of a new generation of McLaren sports cars, the M1A, M1B, and M1C, which like today’s Elva were strong, light, mid-engined, and strictly designed to achieve a purpose. In short, the Elva is simply ‘formed by the wind with an undiluted finesse’.


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