The Rebirth of The 2021 G63, Enter The Hofele HG63

The Rebirth of The 2021 G63, Enter The Hofele HG63

Hofele HG63

Hofele is not a newcomer to the Mercedes G 63 aftermarket upgrade world. They specialize in after-market transformations. Enter their latest 2021 offering of the AMG G63, which is just wicked and wild. Wildy intoxicating on the inside the rich red leather stained specifically for this interior screams luxury and yet the outside remains wickedly tame in comparison. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on who is looking. For us, we appreciate its understated exterior. The subtlety of the changes adds to its beauty like the revised take on the Panamericana grille, complete with the company’s sweeping H logo in place of the three-pointed star. It rides on Hofele 24-inch cross-spoke wheels, with matte carbon trim in various spots that contrast against the Moonbeam Silver hue of the body and that’s it. Done. No overtly fancy trimmings. Just mildly tame.

Speaking of which, luxury and customization require plenty of cash. Hofele doesn’t list a specific cost for its upfit, but the company does say a new G63 outfitted as an HG 63 Sport would be in the neighborhood of €300,000, which currently equals around $356,200.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this has been given the Lusso Autos seal of approval. Hofele has been able to balance restraint whilst maintaining the ability to deliver understated luxury. They definitely struck the balance right where most go a tad too far.



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