The State of The Automobile Industry Today

The State of The Automobile Industry Today

The State of The Car Industry.

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation. Electric vehicles and hybrids are now commonplace, and AI is poised to revolutionize the way we drive. Futuristic, lightweight, and tech-infused cars are on the horizon. With new modes of drive commands and spacing; it’s an exciting time to be a car enthusiast!

Where it’s at right now…

The Emergence of The Flying Car.

The name Alef should be remembered, as it is likely to be seen in the skies near you in early 2024. The Alef Model A, which can carry one or two people, was first seen by the public in October 2022. Pre-orders have already begun for the $300,000 all-electric vehicle. Which, not only flies but can also be driven on regular roads and parked in spaces designed for non-flying cars.

How’s it going to work?

The Alef Model A is a bubble-shaped car with four small motors that power eight propellers. This design allows the car to take off like an aircraft.

The car takes off and lands vertically, but when it is in the air it uses the sides of the vehicle as the wings for horizontal flight.

Distance & Delivery

How far will it travel? “The car will have a terrestrial range of 200 miles and slightly more than half that in the air, able to cover 110 miles in flight mode”  according to Alef.

Regarding takeoff and landing practices, it is unlikely that they will be similar to those of an airport. “Given the novel nature of the vehicle, the FAA is still drawing up policies for electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL)”.

At the moment, Alef flying cars will only be able to take off and land in “whitelisted areas” as stipulated by the CEO Dukhovny. In addition to landing areas, what it will require to drive/fly will be no more than a ‘simple Part 107 Drone license’

(Remote Pilot Certificate) and your approved DMV driving license.

Alef Aeronautics plans to deliver the first units of its flying car to customers by the end of 2025. These units will be able to travel up to 300 miles on the road and 200 miles flying, or 500 miles flying with hydrogen power. The company plans to start mass production of a cheaper Model Z in 2035, which will sell for just $35,000.


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