Nigerian Thespians In The Habit Of Gifting Luxury Cars

A Nigerian actor popularly knowns as ‘Ijebu’ real name Olutayo Amokade was shocked to be receiving a brand new Range Rover from his colleague and fellow actor Biodun Okeowo a.k.a ‘Omoborty’.

Watch the moment, it all unfolded in the video above. We still aren’t sure why she did it, but does there have to be a reason to be nice? We think not.

Mercy Aigbe and Iyabo Ojo ‘shade’ each other

Popular Nollywood and Yoruba Nolly actresses Iyabo Ojo and Mercy Aigbe throw shade at one another simply because Iyabo Ojo claimed to have been gifted a Range Rover by her car dealer friend? Anyway, allegedly Mercy Aigbe claimed the story was false and Iyabo had just concocted it to mislead fans and fellow Nigerians. “Wait, what’s in a gift? the thought behind it, we should think” so it shouldn’t matter if you bought one, gifted yourself, or perhaps received one. However, it seems like the idea of gifting cars as with most fads in Nigeria has more recently become a trend amongst celebrities.

Quick question though, why are most of the cars Range Rovers????????

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